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Non Stick Coatings, Teflon Coatings, Plasma Coatings and Easy Clean Coatings in the UK.

Welcome to our website
We are a specialist surface coatings application company offering a range of Teflon Coatings in the UK and dedicated to providing the best application of the following coatings to improve your quality of life: 
  • Non Stick Surface Coatings combining:
    • Non Stick Teflon Coatings
    • Non Stick Plasma Coatings
  • Easy clean Teflon Coatings
  • Low Friction Coatings
  • High friction coatings
These mechanical coatings are applied using the following Spray Technologies:
  • Plasma Coating
  • Thermal Spray coating


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We also offer a fast and reliable repair service to Hot Melt hoses, no matter how small the fault, enquire for more information … its always cheaper to repair them than replace them.
Interested? then keep reading...
We work with you to deliver the right coating to improve your production, whether its non stick coatings or easy clean coatings, we can reduce downtime, increase productivity and save you time, effort and energy!
Its simple… Coating is what we do, so we understand the problems you face and we know how to solve them. Our product range has the widest range of Non Stick Teflon Coatings, Easy Clean Coatings and Mechanical Traction Coatings and our knowledge extensive - challenge us, we will make a difference.
How we can help…
We work around you - no longer do you have to plan your production schedule around other people, 7 days a week 24 hours a day we are at your disposal.
We listen, talk, try and test to achieve the coatings to cure your problems! Our policy is to provide the service we would want to receive if we were you. 
What we can do… 
Marcote has specific industrial coatings for Non Woven, Converting, Motor Sports, Packaging and Food through to Tyre Manufacturers, to achieve:
  • Excellent release - Using Plasma Coated Teflon Coatings
  • Low friction - Using Teflon Coatings
  • High traction - Using Plasma Coated Metal Coatings
  • Anti wear - Using Plasma Coated Metal Coatings
  • Anti static - Using various Teflon Coatings
  • Corrosion Resistance - Using various Teflon Coatings
  • Chemical attack protection  - Using various Teflon Coatings
We will apply coatings to rollers, moulds, gear box components, doctor blades, exposed plant etc, any flat surface or cavity interior can be coated.
What we coat...
Most metals including mild steel, stainless steel cast iron, brass and aluminium, carbon fibre rubber and glass! To find out more about your specific industry application click on to the relevant page or contact us direct on the Contact Us page
Tel: 01543 419904
Fax: 01543 415752
CLICK HERE  to contact us through the site, or simply call the number above.
Who we are …
We have over 50 years combined in house experience. 
We know coatings and understand what they can do for you.