Xylan® Coatings are a family of fluoropolymer coatings.

Xylan® Coatings The Facts

What It Is

Xylan® Coatings are a family of fluoropolymer coatings containing

Performance Properties

  • Low Friction
  • Non-stick
  • Hydrophobic
  • Heat Resistance
  • Unique Electrical Properties
  • Cryogenically Stable
  • Chemical Resistance

Xylan® coatings are available in liquid form and are applied using a HVLP spray gun. When applying Xylan® all surfaces are prepared using a sandblasting process so that we are able to ensure a clean and well etched surface for the Xylan® to adhere to. Once applied Xylan® is baked at medium to high temperatures to allow the coatings to cure resulting in a tough, inert finish. The applications in which Xylan® coatings are used are very diverse. Which Xylan® coatings are used are very diverse. The chemical make up consists of the newest high–temperature, organic polymers which make it low friction, non-stick, corrosion resistant and chemical resistant.

Xylan® Coating Properties

Most Xylan® coatings are dry film lubricants, which means they have high performance properties when in use under heavy loads, at high temperatures and in chemical and corrosive environments. It’s in use characteristics make it ideal for application on piston rings and skirts for the automotive industry and fasteners, nuts and bolts for the oil and gas industry.

In addition Xylan® coatings reduce mechanical wear, control torque, have a wide range of operating temperatures and some UV stability. For added corrosion protection Xylan® coatings can also undergo a Zinc Phosphate pre-treatment.

Surfaces that Xylan® coatings can be applied to

Metallic substrates

Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Steel Alloys

Metallic substrates

Carbon Fibre
Glass Fibre

The History of Xylan®

Xylan® was the first product created by coatings manufacturer and supplier Whitford Worldwide in 1969 and more specifically it was the ‘1010’ part of their product range that the business was built upon.

The product was initially designed to provide a tough, very low-friction film that could withstand the constant wiping of a rubber seal, yet be capable of being cured at low temperatures to avoid distorting or blistering aluminium. One of the companies first strategic partnerships was with Xomox Corporation to whom they sold five gallons of Xylan® 1010 for application on a series of valve actuators.

Following the success of Xylan® 1010 the product range went on to expand and Whitford now have the capability to create bespoke Xylan® systems.

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