Marcote aims to provide an all-inclusive service. We understand the time restraints of a busy production schedule, which is why we strive to provide a quick turnaround service, ensuring that the day to day operation of your business is not affected.

Marcote believes communication is key. Listening to our customer’s needs is essential to getting any coating solution right the first time, and if we don’t we will fix it.

We are dedicated. Where possible, we will come to you, an insight into your business’ environment allows us to assess what coating solution is right for your requirements.

We are also capable of applying a specialist range of coatings on site when the customer’s part is not transportable

What We Work With?

Whenever there is a stick, slip, corrosion or abrasion issue within a manufacturing process our coatings can be applied. We coat Teflon, plasma, polyurethane and ceramic coatings using electrostatic, HVLP and airless spraying methods.

We Are Bespoke

At Marcote We don’t believe that one size fits all, not only do we work with your requests in mind but we have developed bespoke coatings for when a standard one won’t do the job, and some of our coatings are even customisable in colour. We work to the individual’s requirements, not the market’s. We strive for excellence. All of our coatings are tried and tested to guarantee the best coating solution for every requirement.

Why Coatings?

The advantages of using coatings as a solution are great but the following factors will save you time and money: Reduced downtime, increased productivity, improved health and safety, prevention of future problems and reduction in energy requirements.

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