Industries that Use Non-Stick Coatings

Industries that use non-stick coatings

From extending the longevity of heavy machinery, to enhancing the efficiency of a V12 engine, the versatile applicability of non-stick coatings mean that they are used throughout a number of industries. Low-friction surfaces that are resistant to wear, abrasion, and temperature mean that these versatile coatings have countless uses, so what are some of the more common ones?

Food Processing

It’s estimated that the equivalent of nearly 11 million loaves of bread are sold every single day in the UK alone. In an industry that produces such volumes on a daily basis, marginal differences in yield percentage could translate to tonnes of wasted produce and troughs in profits. As a result, commercial bakeware and moulds that have been treated with non-stick coatings are an absolute essential both ensuring that ingredients are used in their entirety, and that the high quality standards of the industry and consumers are met.

Bread is just one of countless products within the food processing industry that heavily relies on industrial non-stick coatings to ensure that waste is minimised, profits are maintained, and quality is controlled. Other products include meats, confectionery, and snack foods that each utilise non-stick conveyor belts, mixing equipment and more.

Medical and Pharmacy

In an industry where sanitation and precision are of the utmost importance, non-stick surfaces are essential throughout. From minimising friction between surgical equipment and patient tissue, to ensuring an inhaler is kept clear of medicine build up, non-stick coatings help to ensure user comfort, sterile equipment, and minimal waste.

Aerospace and Automotive

Non-stick coating ensures that friction on a surface is kept to an absolute minimum. It’s not rocket science… or it is?

Well, in an industry where every minute detail must be carefully considered – such as aerospace and automotive – minimising friction is something that companies spend millions on achieving. Whilst it’s true that reducing the friction on the surface of an aeroplane or a car can drastically improve its fuel efficiency, bolstering the durability of critical equipment will greatly improve its safety. Critical components that rely on non-stick properties in everyday use include aircraft wings, brake callipers, wheel bearings and more.

Despite their resilience to sticky substances and corrosion, non-stick coatings can become damaged if not correctly handled. Whilst their chemical resistance means solvents and cleaning agents are okay to use, metallic objects can scratch away the coating – revealing the grippy surface below.


The packaging industry is a vital part of modern manufacturing, and it relies heavily on non-stick coatings to maintain efficiency and reduce waste. These coatings are essential for ensuring that packaging machinery runs smoothly, without any sticky mishaps or unscheduled downtime due to cleaning and maintenance.

By preventing adhesives and other materials from sticking to machinery, non-stick coatings can significantly increase production rates, ultimately saving time and resources. But that’s not all – they also play a crucial role in ensuring the quality of the end product. By applying non-stick coatings to moulds used for forming plastic packaging, for example, manufacturers can prevent deformation and sticking, ensuring each product is produced with a consistent shape and size.


The versatility and practical applications of non-stick coatings make them a vital component of modern industrial processes, contributing to the efficiency, safety, and profitability of countless businesses across various industries. By reducing friction, wear and tear, and buildup of debris, non-stick coatings improve efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance product quality and safety. Moreover, by improving user comfort, hygiene, and sterility, and minimising waste, non-stick coatings also enhance customer satisfaction and profitability. The widespread use of non-stick coatings in various industries is a testament to their importance and the benefits they provide to businesses and consumers alike.

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