The client:

We at Marcote work with one of the World’s largest refiner and marketer of cane sugar, with an annual production capacity of 6 million metric tons of sugar.

The problem:

Our client had a sticky situation that was causing major headaches. As sugar was flowing through their Bagging Machines it was beginning to stick and build up on the surfaces.
The sugar per bag is weighed via these machines, so this build up of sugar was leading to incorrect weights being distributed to the bags.

The solution.

Our client had tried numerous commercially available mainstream coatings to solve the problem without success, but thanks to our expertise we were available to develop a coating in-house specifically for this client. This new coating was both non-stick and abrasion resistant to withstand the coarseness of the sugar.

The results.

The impact of our solution was a reduction in build up for both Dark Soft Brown sugar and Light Soft Brown sugar, helping to improve the accuracy and consistency of the bagging process.

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