The Difference Between Industrial and Standard Non-Stick Coatings

What's the difference between Industrial and Standard Non-Stick Coatings?

Non-stick coatings are used all over, and for good reason. Their low-friction, corrosion and heat-resistant properties mean that the applications are seemingly endless. However, there may be some differences between the surface of your personal frying pan and that of a commercial bakery.

The first and most obvious difference between standard and industrial non-stick coatings is in their intended use. Industrial non-stick coatings are designed for use in heavy-duty applications such as manufacturing, packaging, chemical processing, and aerospace industries. Either spray or powder coating methods are used to apply the material in thicker layers, and may include additional layers of coating for added durability and protection. These coatings may also have specific properties tailored to certain industries or applications, such as chemical resistance or high-temperature resistance. 

Standard non-stick coatings on the other hand are designed for everyday household use and are typically applied to cookware, bakeware, and other kitchen utensils. Unlike industrial non-stick coatings, standard coatings won’t be depended on for heavy usage in extreme conditions. As a result of the lower demands subjected to these coatings, they may not be as durable as industrial non-stick coatings, however they must still provide a low-friction surface that resists sticking and is easy to clean. 

Finally, the specific properties required for the intended application also differ between industrial and standard non-stick coatings. Industrial coatings are tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries and applications. At Marcote, we gain a thorough understanding of the environment that your parts will be subjected to, helping us to ensure longevity, practicality, and reliability of your bespoke coating. Customisation can even be extended to colours, surface texture, and conductivity.

In conclusion, whilst the properties of both industrial and standard non-stick coatings are the same, their intended use, durability, and specific properties required for the intended application differ. Industrial coatings are designed for heavy-duty applications and may include additional layers of coating materials for added protection, while standard coatings are designed for everyday household use. If you’re considering non-stick coatings for your business, be sure to keep in mind these differences and select the coating that best fits your needs.

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