Everything You Need to Know about ETFE

What is ETFE?

Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, commonly known as ETFE, is a co-polymer of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene. While it is not fully fluorinated like some other fluoropolymers, this coating is known for its exceptional toughness and durability. It is available in powder form and can be built up to 1000 microns for a highly resilient finish.


Whilst ethylene tetrafluoroethylene exhibits similar properties to fully fluorinated materials – like chemical and heat resistance – it doesn’t perform quite as well in these fields as the likes of PTFE. However, it does possess a higher tensile strength as a result of its fluorine, hydrogen and carbon composition and thicker finish. This means that this fluoropolymer can operate under greater tension than others before breaking.

Industrial applications

ETFE finds numerous applications across various industries due to its high level of durability. It’s notable applications are primarily architectural and automotive related:

  • Roofing: Its lightweight nature, durability, and transparency make it an attractive choice for modern roofing.
  • Glass replacement: Emits far more light, far more insulating, and much lighter weight.
  • Automotive breaking systems: Helps to improve the durability of brakes whilst reducing wear.

Spray coating ETFE

At Marcote, we employ the spray coating method for applying ETFE coatings. Our expertise lies in compressed air applications, allowing us to handle the entire process in-house. This includes surface pre-treatment with techniques like sandblasting, precise hand application of the coating, and the subsequent curing/baking process.

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