We’ve Gone Big

4m cubed grit blaster

We love every job, big or small, and now our big jobs can be even bigger. We’ve made key upgrades to our equipment and facilities so that we can handle large coating jobs.

Grit Blaster

We’ve had a bespoke 4m cubed grit blaster built. This means we can handle large parts for coating, using pink aluminium oxide sand which we believe is the best quality media you can use. There’s nothing in it that would encourage corrosion, and when grit blasting parts for the food industry, it’s perfectly safe to use.

We take great pride in our grit blasting capabilities, and a big part of that is having Kane Ingram, our dedicated grit blaster who ensures all work is done to the same consistent high quality. Because we can handle grit blasting jobs of different sizes and of very specific requirements, you can send your parts to us for re-coating without having to worry about sending your parts somewhere else first to remove old coatings and keying up the surfaces for good adhesion.

But it’s not just our grit blasting capabilities we’ve gone big on. We’ve also acquired a new oven which is 3m3. This means that we not only grit blaster larger parts, but we can also coat larger individual parts, as well as bigger batches of smaller parts. This means we can be faster and more efficient in handling work loads which of course is better for our customers.

Having the equipment to coat large parts is one thing, but they still need transporting. That’s why our forklifts are getting an upgrade too. We’re investing in new forklifts that can handle the heavier loads and transport larger parts around our facility.

We’re constantly working on upgrading our capabilities and capacity so stay tuned for more exciting updates over the next 12 months.