The client:

Our client is one of the World’s leading manufacturers of automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment.

The problem:

During the manufacturing process, car bumpers are painted in specially designed primer booths. As they’re sprayed with paint by robot arms in these primer booths, the car bumpers travel along a conveyor belt above a Basecoat Grid. As you can imagine with all that paint flying around, these Basecoat Grids quickly become covered with the excess paint. To prevent this excess paint building up, the client’s team were having to remove the Basecoat Grids every three weeks and place them in specifically designed ovens to burn the paint off. Not only was this a lot of hassle and costing them money, but it was causing significant downtime on production as well.

The solution.

We took one look and knew exactly what was needed. We applied our coating to the Basecoat Grids, this coating would allow the excess paint to be easily removed with a simple jet wash. No need to remove the grids and no need for the special ovens.

The results.

The primer booths are now easily cleaned once a week in under and hour by two operators using a jet washer. Through using this method with our coating they are saving over £70,000 every 5 years as well as reducing downtime and creating an easier to maintain production line.

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