Choosing The Right Non-Stick Coating

If your system needs to be non-stick, to improve production line performance, improve hygiene and make clean down faster, selecting the right surface treatment can feel daunting. There are many things to consider, including which coating is right for the substrate you want to treat, operating temperatures, corrosion levels and load capacity. Here, we will explore how to make choosing the right non-stick coating as easy as possible.

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The Science Behind Non-stick Coatings

For manufacturing applications, applying a non-stick coating to key machinery contact points such as conveyor belts, weigh pans, chutes and moulds can make clean down quicker, maintenance faster and hygiene better.
There are performance benefits to the right non-stick coating too, like improved production flow rate and product release to prevent bottle necks and reduce the need for human input in key areas of the process.

Here, we look at the science behind non-stick coatings, like Teflon/PTFE and Xylan.

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