June 23, 2022 Chandeep Uppal

It pays to plan ahead

With growing demand for specialist coating services, Marcote is reminding its customers, and the wider market, to ensure that coating experts are involved in the early stages of the construction process, to safeguard the build timeline and ensure the integrity of the application.

The UK is a leader in the semi-conductor market and has a growing demand for its experience and resource, which is leading to the construction of new facilities and the refurbishment of old ones. However, with global supply chains still under pressure in a post Covid world, staying one step ahead is key.

For many, that may mean ensuring the supply chain for day-to-day business is assured, but it also needs to be considered during the construction and refurbishment of a manufacturing facility to ensure timelines are met.

Specialist coatings are the perfect example of some products that can be left to the last minute during a construction project leading to delays in the project timeline.  Halar is a prime example of one such product that is highly sought after within the micro-electronics industry and requires specialist knowledge and experience for its application, which takes time.

Halar ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE) is a partially fluorinated semi-crystalline polymer. The specialist coating is ideally suited to high purity fluid systems in semiconductor, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, but can also be used in other applications such as vessels, valves, pumps, impellers, storage tanks and ductworks.

Applied in stages, through a process of sandblasting, melting and application at 260oC, the layers are built up to the required thickness. The process requires specialist knowledge and equipment to ensure its handling and application is done correctly and to standard, which ensures the integrity of the product.

However, the process can take up to eight weeks for some of the larger projects due to the application process and the fact it needs to be applied in stages to achieve the required thickness. This timeframe may increase further if supplies are limited and there is minimal time to re-stock, placing undue pressure on a construction timetable. This highlights the importance of engaging with your entire supply chain from the beginning, enabling a project to run to schedule.

In a further development, Marcote has recently invested in a brand-new, larger oven, totalling 9m3. The purchase will enable Marcote to complete larger coating jobs or even large volume of small parts – making the site more efficient and speeding up production.

It is also worth noting that interchanging products, due to time constraints, should not be considered without consultation with a coating specialist. Products like Halar are prevalent in the market for a reason, which is why it pays to plan ahead.

Marcote has over 20 years’ experience in special coating technology and has been working with Halar for 22 years, ensuring it is ideally placed to meet industry needs.

For further information or to schedule a call with one of our experts please contact sales@marcote.co.uk or phone 01543 415 752